My name is Yaniv


I'm a freelancer web developer who focuses on internet solutions using Joomla, working primarily with designers,internet companies and private customers, building websites according to specific designs and needs.


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About Me

I've been working with Joomla for 7 years now, i'm an autodidact and learned the CMS through trial and error, building experience as i go.
I have a BA in Business and marketing communications from the "College of management" in Israel.
furthermore i've attended Joomla conferences around the world and believe it's the best CMS out there, and am devoted to making sure people know it's there and that it can provide all of your website's needs.

For fun my hobbies include: photography, Traveling, walking my dog, music and sound editing.

For more details on my work as a freelancer in Israel, check out my profile on Xplace


Feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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